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FMCKL builds stuff.

FMCKL is a creative agency focusing on food, society, tech and sustainability. We build stuff and help others build stuff. We are expert generalists, curious, critical thinkers and life long learners. We believe in genuine and that details make all the difference. We want to make a positive impact, doing things for a reason. We are conviced that innovation and entrepreneurship can solve the challanges of tomorrow.

We work with entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs. We start things up and run the daily business, analyze and develop concepts, coach and create structures, package it and do the marketing.

This is our process and our services:

A mess?

Entrepreneurship and creative processes are not straight forward and clear. We collect wide and analyze deep – meticulous research forms the basis of everything we do. When the process and choice of tools changes during the project it’s all the more important that goals and strategies are super clear – we start with Why? and take it from there.

Who are we?

The network around FMCKL is huge! Designers, programmers, food scientists, bartenders, architects, design thinkers, agile people, changemakers and tastemakers. We put together a team of stars depending on the nature of the mission. In it’s smallest form, FMCKL consists of Kristofer Lund.

I started FMCKL to be able to do more of the things I love! My roots are in tech and my heart pounds for food. For a number of years I have started and run companies, mostly within hospitality, events, restaurants. I have worked long weeks, won awards, taken hits and had a great time! Enter 2017 – the year where food meets tech and creates the coolest bubble of them all: food tech! At the same time the ice caps are melting away while we continue our unsustainable lifestyles. It is high time to do more stuff that matters and start to act with greater purpose!

Things that drive me just now:

Climate change is real and will have a huge impact on all aspects of our future lives!

We can make a difference if we act now!

Exponential technological development will change the playing field for all business sectors, not only taxi (Uber), hotel (airbnb) and pizza delivery (Ubereats).

❉ Food and eating affects everyone and all parts of society. Build sustainability in the food chain and start changing society as a whole.

Current projects

Urban Oasis mission är att göra städer grönare, mer hälsosamma och bättre platser att bo på genom att transformera outnyttjade ytor till stadsodlingar.

Vi transformerar en bondgård i Hallebro, Gnesta till en plats för upplevelsebaserat lärande, workshops och retreats.

LRF Media lanserar Sveriges nya nyhetstjänst för allt som rör agtech och foodtech! På Agfo kommer du kunna följa nyheter och analyser om agtech och foodtech, entreprenörer, startups och investeringar.

Bun Bun är ett matkoncept och en av Sveriges första och mest framgångsrika food trucks. Vietnamesiska Bánh Mì, nudlar och tacos! Bun Bun Appetit!

Mitt mellan Liljeholmen och Gröndal ligger Färgfabriken – en av Sveriges mest välrenommerade konsthallar. Men huset rymmer mer än så, parallellt med konstverksamheten ryms Färgfabriken Evenemang som ordnar konferenser, bröllop, klubbar, seminarier, marknader och mycket mer i de vackra lokalerna!

Ett stenkast från södermalm ligger Nobelberget – ett mäktigt, unikt och enastående komplex. I Akzo Nobels gamla lokaler mellan Sickla Köpkvarter och Hammarby Sjöstad har vi flyttat in och byggt om gymnastiksalar och konferensrum till Stockholms mest unika kultur- och event­arena. En plats för progressiv kultur i ett nytt och annorlunda fysiskt rum.

Work with us!

Kristofer Lund
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