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FMCKL builds stuff.

FMCKL is a creative agency focusing on food, society, tech and sustainability. We build stuff and help others build stuff. We are expert generalists, curious, critical thinkers and life long learners. We believe in genuine and that details make all the difference. We want to make a positive impact, doing things for a reason. We are conviced that innovation and entrepreneurship can solve the challanges of tomorrow.

We work with entrepreneurs. We are entrepreneurs. We start things up and run the daily business, analyze and develop concepts, coach and create structures, package it and do the marketing.

This is our process and our services:

A mess?

Entrepreneurship and creative processes are not straight forward and clear. We collect wide and analyze deep – meticulous research forms the basis of everything we do. When the process and choice of tools changes during the project it’s all the more important that goals and strategies are super clear – we start with Why? and take it from there.

Who are we?

The network around FMCKL is huge! Designers, programmers, facilitators, food scientists, architects, design thinkers, agile people, changemakers and tastemakers. We put together a team of stars depending on the nature of the mission. In it’s smallest form, FMCKL consists of Kristofer Lund.

I started FMCKL to be able to do more things that matter! My roots are in tech and my heart pounds for social entrepreneurship, systems change … and local food. For a number of years I have started and run companies, mostly within hospitality, events, restaurants. I have worked long weeks, won awards, taken hits and had a great time! But, no more of that. No more restaurants or night clubs. We are in a time when multiple crisis converge to form a meta crisis threatening our very existence on this planet. It is high time to start to act with greater purpose!

Things that drive me just now:

Changing the global food system is central to solving climate change and a whole host of other man made global diseases – species extinction, deforestation, over fishing, famine, flooding, wildfires … plus a thousand more

❉ The window of opportunity for saving human life on this planet is still open – but closing fast – we need to act now.

”We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Business as usual will soon no longer be an option. We need a major transition, a complete phase shift onto a development curve that can sustain human life on this planet.


Current projects

Food Shift is an open collective nourishing and connecting people, projects and organisations in emerging regenerative food systems. We believe that cutting down on carbon emissions doesn’t cut it. Doing less bad is not enough, we have to start making good!

UrbanOasis is a food tech startup based in Stockholm with the goal to accelerate the transition towards sustainable food production. We are building the foundations of a new decentralised urban food infrastructure, which will enable cities to radically reduce their carbon footprint, whilst also providing affordable greens packed full of nutrients, anti-oxidants and natural flavours all year round. Welcome to a post-organic future.

AGFO believes that innovation and entrepreneurship can solve the food challenges of tomorrow and create sustainability both rurally and in the city. AGFO inspires innovation across the whole food chain – from farmer to food industry to decision makers, investors and consumers. AGFO is a news service that connects the technology shift within agriculture – agtech – with the mor consumer oriented foodtech.

Bun Bun is a food concept and one of Swedens first and most successful food trucks. Vietnamese Bánh Mì, noodles and tacos! Bun Bun Appetit!

Inbetween Liljeholmen and Gröndal, just outside of central Stockholm lies Färgfabriken – one of the most renowned art galleries in Sweden. In parallell with the art exhibitions runs Färgfabriken Evenemang. We arrange conferences, weddings, night clubs, seminars, markets and a lot more at the beautiful premises.


Ett stenkast från södermalm ligger Nobelberget – ett mäktigt, unikt och enastående komplex. I Akzo Nobels gamla lokaler mellan Sickla Köpkvarter och Hammarby Sjöstad har vi flyttat in och byggt om gymnastiksalar och konferensrum till Stockholms mest unika kultur- och event­arena. En plats för progressiv kultur i ett nytt och annorlunda fysiskt rum.

Work with us!

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